The paths are free to use, but you can require guided tour as well.
Paths in the area of the Őrség National Park

Rezgőnyár tanösvény (Trembling Poplar Path)

The path is in the forest near Harmatfű Természetvédelmi Oktatóközpont (Sundew Nature Reservation Education Centre), Őriszentpéter. It presents the forest succession, the typical wood and bush species and the tiny lakes characteristics of the region. The area is accessible from the centre of Őriszentpéter, Szalafő and Kondorfa; parking is possible. Length of the path: 300 m.

Sárgaliliom tanösvény (Hemerocallis Path)

The path leads from Velemér to Magyarszombatfa, presenting the less known and less visited natural and cultural values of the inner region of Őrség. The starting point of the path is at the Velemér bus stop, therefore the path is easily accessible both by bus and by car. The arrows with hemerocallis illustration help you to orientate. The first six sections lead you through the village of Velemér, where no special outfit is necessary. On the cart-road, however, between Velemér and Gödörháza that follows the blue tour, you need good footwear. From Gödörháza onwards the path leads on paved road. Length of the path: 6.2 km.

Szala menti tanösvény (Path along the Szala River)

At a real hiking tour you can discover the flora and fauna of the Szala River. The path starts off in the centre of Szalafő and ends in Őriszentpéter, at the Keserűszeri inn of the Őrség National Park. Only on foot. Length of the path: 3.8 km.

Felsőszeri tanösvény (Felsőszeri Path)

The path leads you from the Szalafő-felsőszeri bus stop to Szalafő-Pityerszer, while discovering the local architecture. The first, Felsőszer section of the path is accessible by car as well, the stretch leading to Pityerszer only on foot. Length of the path: 1.7 km.

Körtike tanösvény (Pyrola Path)

The path between Csörgőszer to Pityerszer presents you the typical habitats and natural values of the Szalafő region, finally leading to a rustic monument. Accessible on foot, by bike or by cart. Length of the path: 6.2 km.

Szomoróczi tanösvény (Szomoróczi Path)

You can discover the culture, the present and past of the village of Kercaszomor on the Hungarian-Slovenian border. Accessible on foot, by bike or by car. Length of the path: 3 km.

Fürge cselle tanösvény (Common Minnow Path)

Starting off in the village of Kercaszomor, the path presents the flora and fauna of the Kerca stream. Accessible only on foot. Length of the path: 3.2 km.

Töllös tanösvény (Töllös Path)

Here you can discover the forest of Szentgyörgyvölgy, the old wood and the modern Pro-Silva forestry. Accessible only on foot from Magyarföld or Szentgyörgyvölgy. Length of the path: 3 km.

Réti orchideák tanösvény (Meadow Orchids Path)

The mainly paved path leads through the quarter Ritkaháza, along the architectural, touristic and natural sight of the village of Kétvölgy, starting at the resting place next to the building of the fire station storage in Permise, Kétvölgy. Length of the path: 6 km.

Égig érő tanterem tanösvény (Classroom under the Sky Path)

The path starts at the Apátistvánfalva church and presents the natural and cultural values of the village. Length of the path: 5 km.

Hársas-tó tanösvény (Linden Lake Path)

The path introduces the natural and architectural legacy of the Őrség and the Vendvidék region in eight stations at the Hársas Lake.

Pathes in landscape protection areas

A path presenting protected plants (Kőszeg Landscape Protection Area).
The living path in the Chernel garden introduces you the endangered plants of Hungary. The artificially grown plants are placed in small beds, next to each plant a sign shows its name and habitat. Accessible only on foot. Length of the path: app. 300 m.

Csillaghúr tanösvény (Star-flower Path)

Only some kilometres far from Kőszeg the path shows you the typical flora and fauna of the Kőszeg Hills, along the route leading to the Óház (Old House) lookout. Length of the path: 3.5 km.

Királyvölgyi természetvédelmi tanösvény (Királyvölgy Nature Protection Path)

The path shows you the typical flora and fauna of the Kőszeg Hills. Accessible on foot, starting point at Árpád Square, Kőszeg. Length of the path: 1.5 km.

Írottkő tanösvény (Written Stone Path)

The path leading to Írottkő lookout presents the villages of the Írottkő Nature Park and the excursion sites in the Kőszeg Hills. Length of the path: 2 km.

Óriások útja tanösvény (Road of the Giants Path)

The path between the Sibrik Mansion, Bozsok and Kalapos-kő (Hut Stone) presents the rock formations and small caves of the ridge between Széleskő (Wide Stone) and Kalapos-kő (Hut Stone). Length of the path: 7 km.

Ciklámen erdei tanösvény (Cyclamen Forest Path)

The theme of the path is the forestry of the Kőszeg Hills, leading from Szent Vid to the Stájer-házak (Styrian Houses). First follow the blue circle sign to the Hörmann spring, then the blue line sign to the Stájerházi Erdészeti Erdei Oktatóközpont (Styrian Houses Forestry Centre). Length of the path: app. 4.5 km.

Geológiai tanösvény (Geological Path)

The path, leading in a recultivated basalt mine, presents the history of the Hill’s formation. Along the path information signs tell you about the natural and cultural values of the Sághegy Landscape Protection Area, and the description of the geological formation and processes in the mine. The signs along the path around the Eötvös Loránd House introduce you the protected plants and animals of the Sághegy area. Both paths are open, guided tour can be required. Length of the path: app. 600 m.

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